Revised 2/16/12

Tropical Equipment List

This is the stuff that you need to bring and that you are limited to during the duration of the trip. We recommend putting all your essentials in a carry-on bag to avoid trip delays. Take a minute to look over the optional items and the packing notes. There are no dumb questions...feel free to call us (866) 882-5525. Email is good too —

• Snorkeling gear: If you have a mask and snorkel, by all mean bring it. You can get by without fins, but they are nice to have. Strap fins can be worn over booties to wade out to reef areas to dive. Choosing not to snorkel here would be a huge mistake. Gear Rental: We have a good selection of Snorkeling gear available for rent for $20/week.
• Personal toiletries for general travel.

• Waterproof raincoat or paddle jacket.
• Thin fleece jacket or sweater
• Hat with wide brim for sun protection
• Comfortable long sleeve shirt and long pants (quick drying if possible) for both sun and bug protection. Wrap around skirts or sarongs work well for around the hammock too.
• 2 or 3 short sleeve shirts or t-shirts: preferable non-cotton quick dry materials (a highly fashionable model can be purchased from UA).
• 2 pairs of comfortable quick drying loose shorts
• Bathing suit or quick dry shorts
• Neoprene booties, water shoes, or an old pair of tennis shoes that can get wet--don't plan on paddling in sandals...they can and do get caught in footrests.
• Comfortable shoes or sandals for hiking around the island trails looking for iguanas.
• 3 pairs socks (bug and sun protection)
• For those sun sensitive souls--light gloves

Nuts and bolts
• Passport; be sure to make a couple copies of the first two pages and stash in your bags.
• At least SPF 15 waterproof/sweatproof sunscreen
• A book you've been truly wanting to read
• Small AA flashlight or headlamp
• Daypack or waistpack to hold items that you access often
• Misc. important items: extra glasses or contacts, bandana, a few ziplock bags, a waterproof camera
• Sunglasses with full UV protection/polarized if you want to fish
• Band-aids, chapstick
• Aloe gel
• Water bottle -one liter: can be purchased at the airport on arrival


Field guides, binoculars, camera, notebook or journal, small musical instruments, spouse, specific diet needs/snacks, kites and Prozac.

Fishing equipment:  It deserves its own section. Species available: Bonefish, Snapper, Barracuda, Jacks, Permit (yeah, right) and Snook. We'll be staying near some very good sand flats and reefs, which are home to many swimming items that may be on the menu. You will need to bring any and all tackle with you, as there is none available on Roatan. A medium action 6'-8' spinning rod with 12-20 lb. test line is fun and useful. For fly rodders an 8wt is ideal with a disc drag reel and tropical floating line. Fly selection should include some bonefish bitters in green, clousers, crazy charlies and a couple of crab patterns (Enrico patterns)…all tied very light. Have lots of leader material.... these are toothy fish. E-mail me if you have more specific fishing questions or would like to arrange additional days with a flats guide.

Trip Notes

We will provide dry bags for day tripping out of our private hacienda and any sort of duffel or rugged bag will function well to get you to the islands and back. We recommend casual travel clothing, a carry-on with your trip essentials (so that a lost bag will not halt everyone's trip), and a daypack to use as a daily personal bag for getting around.

Pace: Generally we travel in two-hour blocks with breaks to relax, stretch and graze. We would consider 5 hours/12miles of paddling a fairly ambitious day. If a crossing looks risky, we go for a walk instead…the hiking on the island is great!

Alcohol: Local beer and rum are very good and available on site for nominal charge. We can make a stop en route to our base to let you pick out a few supplies. Please leave any illegal drugs at puts everyone at risk. I suppose there are reasons to numb myself in everyday modern life in the big city, but out in the wilds I'd like to be aware of every minute!

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