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Sea Kayak Tours

Kayaking in Honduras
Kayak touring is like backpacking without the pain. You get to enjoy wilderness camping in total beachfront comfort, with fresh salads and camp baked breads along with a glass of wine, not the usual blister-swollen feet with a side of turkey sawdust en foile. We offer a variety of both camping-based programs and lodge-based programs to suit an assortment of paddlers' interests. Each of our trips is different and designed around the individual tastes, skills and interests of its participants. We strive to continually raise the bar of quality on each of our adventures to truly make them deserve the title of Uncommon.

Isle Royale National ParkSince 1984, we have specialized in small group(4-8) trips that are designed around our guests in the best places we can find. You may not have heard of some of our destinations, but they've been chosen for their breathtaking wilderness possibilities and not the numbers of others flocking to them. We crave solitude with a dash of contemplation over the "been there, done that, got the t-shirt" destinations you sometimes read about. All of your trips are "instructional in nature", so to speak. Our instructors are either ACA or BCU certified or both. Kayak skills will be a primary focus on tours, but participants also have an opportunity on each trip to learn about navigation, backcountry cooking, leave-no-trace camping and general wilderness skills. Complete novices are welcome, supported and encouraged. We also have a variety of trips for intermediate through advanced paddlers. If there is somewhere you'd like to explore that we don't have on the menu, we may be able to build you a custom trip or refer you to an outfitter we trust to help you have a good experience.

Skill levels:

  • Novice: from no experience to limited flatwater and gentle class 1 rivers.
  • Intermediate: Some open water experience, familiar with group recovery techniques and can handle up to 12 mile days.
  • Advanced: Multi-day open water experience, some eskimo rolling skills and comfortable paddling up to 18 mile days.

Our guests speak for us...

Instruction"We’re back to normal, back to work and wishing we were back north. We both really enjoyed the trip. …I was describing our weekend with you, and our friend was glad to see that we had decided to pursue an instructional approach before heading out on our own because “everyone’s a expert if they’ve been in a boat”…We valued the experience not only for what we learned, but also for what we figured out about ourselves…There’s no question that spending the weekend with you gave us the confidence to spend a rental day on the lake if is a calm day. We’re thinking we will probably spend some more time with you before we get too cocky though! So, good food, good company, great weekend…we’ll be in touch again."

Matt and Belinda, B&B Kayak Instructional Weekend

Who are our guests?

Singles, couples and even families who are interested in an active and inspiring immersion into some terrific outdoor activities that can bring you close to nature in ways you may never have experienced before.