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Sleeping Bear Storm Gathering

Sleeping Bear Shoreline

This is an informal “training camp” style setting for those wishing to get more comfortable in rough water.  This program is open to 6-12 people who’d like to work together to work on surf and bracing skills, rough water safety and wave etiquette. Our setting gives us a wide variety of launch options within short drives. We have a large variety of fleet boats that can be borrowed including Romany’s, so don’t be afraid because you’ve only got a tripping boat.  Plan on trying each other’s boats, sharing and learning in a relaxed atmosphere…and I’ll try to get the hot tub in by then!

Two lodging options for you:
We’ll be based out of my Betsie River base, so there are beds available for 8-10 and we also have a camping option available on-site complete with bathroom access. Costs are being kept low to encourage participation and access.

Day 1) After dinner Fri evening arrival between 4-8 pm. Get acquainted and settled. Dinner out at the Roadhouse: our local SW favorite (cost not included)

Day 2) Saturday morning surf session wherever conditions allow. Choices: Elberta, Frankfort, Empire, Good Harbor Bay (North conditions). Any wind direction but east can give us “conditions”

Day 3) After a fine Sunday brunch, we'll gear up for a beach session and keep at it until we’ve had enough or its Monday…whichever comes first!

Cost includes mentors, rustic river home accommodations or camping,  kayaking equipment if needed(boat, paddle, PFD, skirt), breakfasts and Saturday dinner. Lunches are BYO. Please call if you have special diet requirements.

Stuff to Bring

Paddling Clothes & Gear:

  • Drysuit (some rentals available for $40)
  • Helmet
  • Tow rig
  • Synthetic long underwear: polypropylene, polyester, coolmax, etc….anything but cotton, both tops and bottoms, can be worn under shorts too for a very comfortable if not very stylish ensemble.
  • Fleece Jacket
  • Paddling Jacket or rain parka: I have a few loaners.
  • Water shoes or neoprene boots: I try to discourage sandals because they can get tangled in footrests….and that’s bad if you're upside down.

Odds and Ends:

  • One liter water bottle
  • Sunscreen
  • Anything alcoholic you may want with evening meals

Dates for 2014: October 17 - 19

Cost: $200 / person (dbl) or $125 camping option (our tent or yours)

Registration: Full amount due 30 days in advance.

Pay via Credit Card (Paypal; no registration required)
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Pay via Credit Card
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