Revised 2/26/12

Flyfishing Trips

Michael Gray with King SalmonFly fishing is the perfect marriage of mind, body and spirit. The finesse of casting, the appreciation of nature through stream entomology, the tension easing quality of a river's gentle flow are all combined with the adrenaline rush of a rainbow taildancing before your eyes. You really can get there from here, but it may take a little help.  This isn't what you think of as "guided" fishing so much as instructional programs that ease you into the sport in a fun non-intimidating way.  We offer weekend workshops that include meals, lodging and a variety of equipment to get you started with fly fishing for Trout, Salmon or warm water species.  Our Western Rivers trips will get you to places that you usually only read about at a fraction of what you'd pay for a week in a traditional fishing lodge setting. We're all about taking the long walk to find those fish that are deep in the wilderness and not such harsh judges of your casting technique.