Revised 10/9/08

Custom Flyfishing Programs

If you have an idea for other destinations or workshops, by all means, let us know and we'll make it happen.  Alaska, New Zealand, Honduras, Venezuela or Argentina?  We can build you a dream trip to any of these destinations. Check our calendar....your dream trip may already be on the schedule!

Trout FlyfishingHere is a little inspiration:  

  • A week of Backcountry fly fishing the Greater Yellowstone area
  • A split week between two different lodges in Patagonia
  • Heli-fishing a week of rivers on the South Island of New Zealand
  • Fish a different species every day of the week on the Flats of the Bay Islands of Honduras
  • During a single week in Alaska's Katmai region fish for Silvers, Char, Leopard Rainbows, Halibut, Dollies and Grayling

This is just the beginning....its a wet planet, let's fish it!